Story Time: “I Woke Up Feeling Weak And Nausea. I Rushed Outside And Vomited ” (Agonies Of A HouseHelp — Episode 25, 26, & THE END!)

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Oga stumbled furiously into the kitchen the next morning and faced me.

“You’re living this house this moment!” He barked. “How dare you attempt to tear my house apart? You little imp! You must leave this minute!” I turned white with fear and my limbs trembled. “Go and start packing your things right now!” He thundered.

I ran out of the kitchen and into my room to pack. The way Oga was fuming and barking was too aggressive. I couldn’t stand him lay his hands on me out of aggression. It was better to return home than to die in another man’s house. So I ran into my room and started packing. I even wanted to return home as the stress and trauma had become unbearable.

I packed all my clothes into one big bag and waited for what was next. Oga came into my room and ordered me to carry my bags into the car. I obeyed and did as he ordered. Then he dressed up and true to his words drove me back to my village.

My mother was surprised when she saw me home that early. Oga’s countenance also pointed out to her that all was not well so she had to ask him to come inside and explain what prompted the unexpected home coming.

“Your daughter wants to tear my family apart,” Oga told my mum.

My mum shuddered in disbelief.

“How?” She asked dumbfounded.

“Ask your daughter!” Oga snapped and zoomed out into his car and out of our compound…

Later that night, my mum came into my room and asked me the truth about what happened between me and Oga’s family. I patiently narrated everything that happened and broke into tears sobbing hysterically, even though I left out the part that had to do with my sexcapades with Oga…

….Episode 26….

Two days later, I woke up feeling weak and nausea. I rushed outside and vomited the content of my stomach onto the floor. My mum heard me gretching and ran outside to see what was wrong with me. She observed me for some seconds with her right hand under her jaw.

“I hope its not what I’m thinking?” She asked staring at me.

“I think its malaria,” I replied anxiously.

“When last did you see your flow?” My mum asked in a lowered voice.

I kept silent and muttered an inaudible reply.

“Chai this girl has killed me!” my mum screamed placing both palms flat on her head. “Who did this to you?” She asked.

I muttered again.

“Will you talk to me you stupid girl!” My mum bawled advancing towards me.

I started crying.

“Let’s go into the house,” she suggested and we both went in.

Once we were inside, my mum reopened the discussion.

“Now tell me who did this to you?” My mum pressed on.

I didn’t know what to reply. I didn’t know who else to point at except Oga cos he was the only person who had access to my body intimately. How to reveal that fact to my mum was what I didn’t know. But then I had to.

“It was Oga,” I replied shaking with fear.

“You mean your Oga in the city?” My mum asked with great consternation. “The same Oga that drove you back to this house? I can’t believe it!” My mum affirmed.

“Oga did it to me,” I repeated.

“Chai o!” My mum screamed. “Your Oga in the city?” she asked rhetorically looking aghast.

“Yes ma,” I replied sobbing.

My mum couldn’t believe her ears. There and then she informed me that we would be going to the city the next day. The next day we got to Oga’s house around 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Oga wasn’t around when we arrived but madam was around.

Her eyes nearly fell out of its socket when she opened the door and saw my mother and I. She couldn’t hide her shock and trepidation even though she did all her best to. I am sure her mind must have ran hay wire though she struggled to conceal it.

“Welcome ma,” she greeted my mum.

“Where’s that he-goat you call your husband?” My mum asked furiously shoving madam aside and marching fearlessly into their sitting room.

“How dare you call my husband a he-goat?” Madam barked in response.

“My daughter is pregnant for your husband,” my mum exploded the news to madam shocking her again for the second time in quick succession.

“What did you just say?” Madam asked not sure she heard my mum well. “You said my husband did what?”

“You heard me right!” My mum snapped.

I stood beside my mum sobbing quietly. Madam was too dumbfounded to utter a word. She had had enough for an afternoon.

Silently she went into the master bedroom and locked herself. I couldn’t tell whether she called Oga or not but Oga came back approximately 20mins later and met us in the sitting room. I think madam called him because he wasn’t surprised on seeing us like someone who already knew that we were around.

“How dare you impregnate my daughter?” My mum lashed out rising to her feet.

“Who?” Oga asked feigning ignorance.

“Adaeze my daughter,” my mum replied.

“Please madam I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Oga replied almost causing my mum a heart attack with his reply.

“And please if you don’t mind,” Oga continued. “Leave my house.”

My mum couldn’t believe her ears and with intense anger she stormed out of Oga’s house dragging me along…

We went back to the village that same day feeling dejected and annoyed. I felt worse. Oga had denied me before my mother and I felt like committing suicide. The shame was unbearable. And I didn’t know how to cope with being a single mother at such young age and coupled with the fact that my mother was not financially buoyant to cater for the additional responsibility I was bringing her way.

But all the same the months flew by and I was soon due to deliver. At the maternity centre, I was delivered of a bouncing baby boy and guess what?

He looked exactly like his father… LOLS!

….The End….


Slavery is barbaric no matter the name we give it. No matter the terms by which we justify it, it is inhumane and satanic. The way many madams treat their househelps leaves much to be desired in the eyes of an honest observer. What brings about such hatred to warrant such maltreatment, I do not know. In most cases, the househelp is a young child, treated like an animal, segregated like a disease and punished like a vagabond for no just reason. Agonies of a househelp is a touching story of wickedness, slavery, savagery and barbarism meted out to Adaeze when she went to serve her madam as househelp…

✍ I will continue with the part 2 of this same story very soon as it’s still under construction. Very, very soon!! but tomorrow by the grace of God we’ll start a new different “love story”. You guys have really been great with all your comments, I do appreciate them. They are really inspiring and i promise to always give you guys the best. So please stay glued while we resume back tomorrow with something different. Am sure you’re going to love it!!

I hope you all enjoyed the just concluded episode. “Agonies Of A HouseHelp” This is a work of fiction. The characters, incidents and dialogues are products of imagination and are not to be constructed as real. Any resemblance to actual events or person is entirely coincidental. All right reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior permission of the copyright holder.
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Story Time: “I Woke Up Feeling Weak And Nausea. I Rushed Outside And Vomited ” (Agonies Of A HouseHelp — Episode 25, 26, & THE END!)

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