Join banditry or tattoo Bobrisky on your body (choose wisely).

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Good day guys I trust you all are good and safe. Today is all about Bobrisky trending on social media.

Is like tattoo has become a source of income to many Nigerians in the country, as they draw their favorite celebrity on their body.

Popular Nigerian cross dresser Bobrisky has turn tattoo into source of income to her fans after she spend millions of naira💰💵  on fans who tattoo her face on their body.

Burst everybody is now having tattoo of their favorite celebrity drawn on their body.

Some Nigerians has now turn it as their major source of income to feed their family and also pay house rent.

Is like I too will quit blogging and join the business 🤔🤔… Who no like better thing 🤷‍♀️.


Now the question is ”Join banditry or tattoo Bobrisky on your body ” which one pay off choose wisely.

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