My wife felt discouraged when I wasn’t making a dine from acting — Chief Imo

My wife felt discouraged when I wasn’t making a dine from acting — Chief Imo. Longinus Anokwute, better known by his stage as Chief Imo, is a comic actor and singer who has relived recollections of how difficult it was for him to make his acting debut, claiming “at one time my wife was disheartened because of how things were for me.” This revelation was made by Chief Imo, who began acting in the middle of the 2000s, while his most recent comedy-filled film, “Village Councillor,” was being released.

The story of a young, born-again guy in a remote location who yearns to be a leader is told in the film. His constituents beseech him to serve as their councillor in the local government. Being a Christian, he attempts to show them how immoral political games can be.

The lead actor struggles to comply with his people’s demands, but his mother encourages him to seize the chance to improve his life by becoming wealthy.

Chief Imo, as he is affectionately known by his admirers, joined Nollywood in the middle of the 2000s and transitioned to acting in 2008. He is currently most known for his unique Igbo comedies, which excite moviegoers in the eastern portion of Nigeria.

The actor, who was born in Imo State, explained how his acting career started by saying, “Everything started while I was in elementary school and continued to secondary school.”

“Every time I stood up to speak, people would make fun of me. I frequently found myself answering a question in front of a huge audience while cracking jokes. I gradually began advancing my acting career.

“When I first started out, my wife was demoralized by how difficult things were with me.

After releasing my debut album, he recalled, “I eventually came to grips with what people were saying, especially when I saw nothing coming out from the job and no support came from anyplace.

But Chief Imo persevered through the difficulties, and the rest is now history.

This comic may have hit the perfect pitch, but he has no intention of backing down any time soon. His latest album, Good News, serves as a reminder of the difficulties he faced as a rising performer in his hometown.

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