Why Patience Ozokwor made me quit indecent dressing – Mercy Johnson

Why Patience Ozokwor made me quit indecent dressing – Mercy Johnson. Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson told how Patience Ozokwor, a coworker, had earlier advised her to quit dressed indecently.

The mother of four revealed this on Thursday during her conversation with Patience on this week’s episode of Mercy’s Menu, her weekly cooking show.

Mercy was questioned by Patience as she reflected on the past: “Do you remember when you were younger before you were married? Remember how I warned you that the pictures you take now will be seen by your kids tomorrow and they will question you right away what sort of lifestyle you led

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Mercy Johnson said, “Yes, you did,” acknowledging the statement. Yes, I remember; I’m lucky. You said to me, “Mercy dress correctly. You’ll have kids, and when they grow up, they’ll question you, ‘Why are you looking this way?’”

However, Patience explained why she remained single after losing her spouse years before.

I wanted to be married again, but my children begged me not to because they had reached adulthood and offered to be my husband.

“They requested me to remain single for them so that their peers wouldn’t make fun of them for having a mother who remarried at their age, and I understood them. Although it was selfish on their part, I made the enormous sacrifice for them since there is no sacrifice too great for family.

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