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Yahoo boys: do yahoo really reduce crime in Nigeria ? (see this).

“Yahoo reduce crime” has become a popular slangs and phonetics used by yahoo boys.

Yahoo reducing crime may be truth, but why not talking about how that same yahoo has increase high rate of ritual among our youths also.Yahoo boys

I can swear none of this yahoo boys that doesn’t know road to a herbalist (babalawo) place.

A boy at 17 will proudly said “let secure the big bag legal or illegally” without checking about the after effects involved.

Behind every successful yahoo boy that drive flashy cars, there is a strong babalawo behind him, but when you ask you will hear something like baba “on God” or “Na Grace”.Yahoo boys

Yahoo boys

Now let me said this openly and loud “yahoo no be hustle, na thief you be if you get involved” Cus you deprive the innocent victims their hard earn source of life.

Yahoo reduce crime, but how will crime reduce crime ? I hope our youths will read from this , and depart from this evil act…

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